You’ll need: Clean feet, UV lamp, toe separators, lint free wipes, cuticle stick, cuticle oil, nail clippers, Prep & Wipe, gel base coat, gel nail polish, gel top coat, buffing block.

General pic 1

Wash and dry your feet (don’t apply any foot cream, oil or lotion afterwards). Push back cuticles with cuticle stick. Clip nails with nail clippers. Buff the nails with a buffing block.

Buffing block

Using the lint free wipes, sanitise the nail plate with Prep & Wipe.

Prep and wipe 1

Separate toes and apply base coat to each foot.

Base coat

Cure nails for 2 minutes using UV lamp, repeat for other foot.

Cure 1

Apply a thin, even layer of gel polish. Cure nails for 2 minutes using UV lamp and repeat for the other foot. Apply a second coat and cure nails again for 2 minutes.

Polish pic 1

Apply top coat and cure nails for 2 minutes using UV lamp. Repeat for other foot.

Top coat 1

Sanitise the top coat with the Prep & Wipe and the lint free wipes.

Prep and wipe 2

Apply cuticle oil.

Cuticle oil

The finished result:

End result 1

End result 2

Gel pedicures and manicures last longer (14-21 days) than conventional ones. They grow out with the nail and don’t chip, and the whole process takes around 20 minutes. The only downside is that glitter gel polish is notoriously difficult to remove (I love it anyway!). You’ll need a gel nail polish remover whatever type of finish you use, as normal remover is useless.


Other advantages of gel polish is no mess, no waiting ages for it to dry, and you can put your shoes and socks on immediately afterwards!

What’s not to like? 🙂