You’ll need: Gel polish remover, lint free wipes, orange stick, sellotape, aluminium foil, someone to help you and plenty of free time.


Saturate ten lint free wipes (one for each nail) with gel polish remover. Carefully wrap around each individual nail and secure with sellotape (lint free wipes are extremely lightweight and won’t stay put otherwise). This can be fiddly so get your helper to assist if needed.


Ask your helper to wrap your hands in aluminium foil (to generate heat and speed up the removal process) as securely as possible, ensuring the fingertips in particular are fully covered. Leave for 30 minutes.


Remove foil and wipes. Using the orange stick, carefully lift up the gel polish at the edges and peel away. You may need to repeat the process for a further 30 minutes if necessary (see what I mean about having loads of free time?).


Wash and dry hands; apply hand cream if desired.

And there you have it šŸ™‚