Welcome to part one of my Themed Beauty series, where I’ll be delving into my makeup stash and reviewing products according to various topics.

Some of these items are long discontinued, but you may still be able to find them on Glambot.com or on blog sales (prices may vary).

Chanel Winter Nights Eyeshadow Quad

The one I have is the US version with the square pans. Clockwise from top left there’s a medium taupe, peach, black with gold sparkles and a soft, muted pink.


Despite the ‘winter’ name, these colours can be worn all year round IMO; they’re certainly versatile enough. For variation, I combine the darkest shade with the taupe for  a muted effect, or I mix the peach, pink and black for something a little different. I might wear the taupe on the crease, say, and a combination of peach and pink on the lid with the black serving as an eyeliner. Certainly with the two paler shades a primer is a must, or they’ll just gradually fade away. The black doesn’t seem to be quite as pigmented as it appears in the pan (it seems to have a greenish tinge at times). Still, I enjoy wearing this quad and team it with either a nude or bold lip, depending on the occasion as well as my mood.



Essence Hello Autumn Palettes

Oh, how I love the packaging!! Those cute little leaves say it all.

I find Essence products can be hit or miss, but these palettes are surefire winners in my book. There are two in the autumn collection: 01 Walk In  The Park and 02 Keep Calm & Go For A Walk. The colour spectrum covers golds, rich browns and lush forest greens, with six shades in each palette (the first shade in each is identical, btw, as is the third shade in 02 and fourth in 01).



The texture and colour payoff is very good, with absolutely no duds. I can ‘mix and match’ shades from both palettes as they belong to the same colour family, and in my opinion these would suit all skin tones and occasions, whether you’re after a smokey eye or a more natural look. Their compact size makes them ideal for travel or just to pop into your handbag when you’re out and about.



H&M Flower Palette

While this palette doesn’t belong to a particular season per se, the word ‘flower’ does conjure up images of spring and summer, so that’s what I’m going with. There are ten different shimmering colours here, with varying degrees of pigmentation: A deep pink, peach, pale pink, primrose, cool bluish-silver, warm chocolate brown, warm gold, pale taupe, lilac and cool pink, all with a flower imprint embedded.


The last three colours in the top row work best as highlighters worn on the browbone; the warm gold looks quite vibrant in the pan but needs building up in order to reach its full potential (using a flat brush here helps). Ditto the pale taupe when it comes to successfully accumulating colour on the eyelid.


It may be a cheapie, but I do like this palette and use it regularly. Just looking at those shades gives me a feelgood factor – no matter what time of year it is, they always put a smile on my face.

Say it with flowers xx


MAC Snow Season Mineralize Eye Shadow (left in pic)

I love the marbled effect of this one, it’s like a Cornetto 🙂 Cream, brown, gold, silver blue, they all blend together effortlessly. Depending on where you swipe your brush you’ll get a predominantly browny-gold layer, or perhaps a creamy sliver blue (yes, you read that right!). No two of these eyeshadows are the same; yours may have a mostly brown vein and your friend’s will be more champagne streaked.


The shimmering effect brings to mind crisp snow glistening in the winter sun (and that’s the nearest I’ll get as we rarely have the white stuff down here!) Snow Season is perfect for opening up the eye area to create a ‘wide awake’ look. Dark circles, puffiness and discolouration all recede into the background, as though you’ve had your full sleep quota. No surprises, then, that I wear this in winter a lot.


MAC Fresh Ice Mineralize Eye Shadow (right in pic)

My husband bought me this one Christmas, and even inscribed it on the back:


Two words spring to mind when I pull this out of my makeup bag: Ice Princess. Team with a cool toned blush and a touch of lip gloss, don a floaty top and twirl round the  room like Stevie Nicks.

On a serious note, Fresh Ice looks just like the real thing. Mine has the teeniest, tiniest purple veining, with pinkish bits dotted here and there.

Mac mineralised

The shimmer adds a touch of magical radiance. Some white eyeshadows are ‘too white’, if you get my drift, but this one’s perfect. You don’t need to use much, as a little goes a long way (mine looks barely touched and I’ve had it for ages).

Talking of cool toned blushes brings me to Essence Arctic Lights Blush in 01 Snow Queen. This is a lovely pink which gives you a healthy, outdoorsy kind of glow. Open the lid and you’ll see a few different sized snowflakes imbued into the powder – very Frozen like!


The pigmentation and longevity is good, giving an overall subtle effect. I’m not a huge blush fan, but this gets the thumbs up.

Still on the subject of winter/cool tones, the last product I’m reviewing on The Seasons theme is Essence Go Snow Eyeshadow in 04 Alpine Snow. This is a kind of seafoam green endorsed with cute little snowflakes.

essence open

It may be pretty to look at, but the pigmentation is zero. This is more like a shimmery wash, and even using it wet made no difference whatsoever. Trying it with and without primer brought no joy, either. I guess I could use it as a highlighter instead ….

Coming up in Part Two – Astronomy

Thanks for reading x