This is going to be a rather short post as I’ve either a) already reviewed items in the above theme in a separate post, or b) I don’t have as many astronomy themed makeup items as I originally thought. Oops!!

Let’s start with Sleek Celestial palette. This has twelve mostly sparkly shades: Solar (rich burgundy pink), Astral Blue (self describing), Aurora (medium green), Galactic (silver), Earth Shine (starry night dark blue), Dark Matter (black),Stargaze (pale lilac shimmer), Saturn’s Ring (shimmery medium blue), Meteoric (matte hot pink), Terrestrial (matte pale green), Lunar (shimmery silver blue) and Eclipse (shimmery khaki silver grey).

Sleek Celestial 2

As with all Sleek palettes, the pigmentation and colour payoff is superb. The consistency is smooth and easy to apply although the darker shades are prone to a little fallout. The quality of these eyeshadows is such that you can get away without primer; they simply stay put. Normally, glitter eyeshadows tend to be chunky and gritty, but with Sleek the glitter is more finely milled. I do find, however, that the deeper blue shades leave a ‘stain’ (probably due to the amount of pigment in them) following removal, but that’s no biggie.

Sleek Celestial 1

I wear this palette a lot during the grey winter months, and I love it 🙂

NYX Lipstick in Mars

I’ve tried plenty of NYX round lipsticks over the years and found the majority to be cheap and nasty, with poor coverage, strange texture and an almost ‘soapy’ kind of aftertaste in some instances.

Step forward Mars, the exception. This dark nude shade has enough slip without feeling greasy, making lips feel soft and hydrated. The colour payoff is good, there’s no weird taste or smell, and I’ve repurchased on several occasions. However, the downside is that it doesn’t wear well and needs reapplying every couple of hours or so.

NYX Mars


MAC Lipglass in New Galaxy

I take my hat off to all those brands who introduce non conventional colours, whether it’s red eyeshadow or green lipstick. Who wants to look like the girl-next-door, anyway? Not me!

New Galaxy is a grey shade with lots of blue and pink sparkles. It feels nice and light on the lips, and can be worn alone or as a lipstick topper.

MAC New Galaxy 1

In the pic below I’m wearing New Galaxy on its own; even though my natural lip colour is quite pigmented, you can still see the effects of NG shining through:

New Galaxy on bare lips

In this next pic, I’m wearing NG on top of MAC Little Buddha lipstick. The lipstick colour appears more intense, as do the lip gloss sparkles:

New Galaxy over Little Buddha lipstick

I personally prefer wearing New Galaxy over bare lips, even though it was fun experimenting with different effects and ways of wearing it. New Galaxy is long lasting and stays put despite eating and drinking, so that’s a big plus in my book!

MAC New Galaxy 2


Barry M Cosmic Lights Highlighting Palette

Behind the cute holographic packaging lie six cream and powder shades: Clockwise from top left, cream pale pink, pink shimmer, cream bronze, cream pale champagne, pale silver lilac-blue (looks white in the pan), and cream baby pink.

Barry M Cosmic Lights 2

The cream shades give an ethereal kind of glow, the powders are more reminiscent of ‘princess-and-unicorns’ (hope that makes sense!) theme. This palette is great for whenever you fancy creating an out-of-this-world look, and is certainly cheaper than the high end equivalents out there.

Barry M Cosmic Lights 1

Apply to cheeks, cupid’s bow, shoulders and decolletage for the ultimate luminous finish.

Coming up in Themed Beauty Part Three – Animals (my favourite subject x)